What Are Limitations To The T-test?


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Developed more than a century ago in 1908, the t-Test was invented in Ireland as a means for testing the best graduates to see which would work for Guinness.
The fact the test was introduced more than 100 years ago should mean it is limited to some degree. The tests are based on limited theoretical assumptions and do not take into account all we know about these days. They are not specific over one sample, though it has been suggested over large samples their accuracy is approximately correct.
More modern methods such as Yuan's method which was introduced in 1974 is a more accurate and well renowned test. It replaces the t-test as it takes out all the limitations of the t- Test and is so more accurate and shows up the original tests limitations.
Other tests that offer similar things are the F= test, which was developed in the 1920s and progresses on from the t-Test.
Though there are better and more accurate tests, the t-test is still a popular test that does have limitations but still can be used quite accurately.

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