I Need To Know The Formula To Calculate The Area Of A Cylinder?


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Area of the cylinder = base area x height.

Since a cylinder has a circular base, the base area = ∏r²

A = ∏r²h (where A is the area, h is the height and, r is the base radius and ∏ = 22/7)
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This will give you the volume of a cylinder, not the surface area. The surface area is the area of the two ends (2∏r²) (if the cylinder has ends, e.g. A tin can) plus the area of the curved surface (Height x circumference = Hx2∏r). Therefore the total surface area A = 2(∏r² + H∏r) or more simply A= 2∏r(r + H).
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If you really mean the AREA of a cylinder, you must mean the Surface Area. For that, imagine cutting the cylinder (a can) downward and flattening it out. The surface area of the cylinder is area of the rectangle formed, whose height is the same as the height of the can, and whose length is the circumference of the can's top, or 2 x Pi x Radius.If you mean the VOLUME of a cylinder (a can), it's Pi x R squared x H.
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V=pie x radius(squared) x height
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I need to know how to find the volume of a cylinder with out the height measurements

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