What Is The Formula To Calculate Percentage Of A Given Number?


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The easiest way to find a percentage is to divide the given number by the total number and multiply that by 100 to get the percentage. To do this, use this equation (Given number/Total number) X 100.

To see this clearly, use an easy selection of numbers which you already know the answer to so that you can see how it works. For example, if you get 10 out of 20 on a test at school, you would use the above formula to work out what percentage this is. Given these numbers, it would look like this:
10 / 20 = 0.5
0.5 x 100 = 50
The answer is therefore 50 per cent.

A more difficult formula, works in exactly the same way. For example, if you get 321 out of 462 in a test you would do the same thing, this would look like this:
321 / 462 = 0.69
0.69 x 100 = 69 per cent

To get a percentage increase or decrease simply subtract the smaller number from the bigger number and divide that answer by the original one and multiply by 100 to get a percentage increase or decrease.

For example, to get a percentage increase from 30 to 40 you will subtract 30 from 40 and divide the answer which is 10 by the original number 30 to get .33 then multiply .33 by 100 to get a percentage increase of 33 per cent.
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25% of $680,000 equals what?
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n x  %
1    100
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80% of 2819.64
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The formula for proportion method, where x = the percentage you're solving for and n = the part and d = the whole:
N / d = x / 100

cross multiply to create the equation:
Dx = 100n

solve for x:
X = 100n / d

12 / 50 = x / 100

cross multiply:
50x = 1200

solve for x:
X = 1200/50
x = 24

24 is the percentage.
You have 24 parts per 100, which is in proportion with 12 of 50, which is 24%.

For more examples and a further explanation:
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To find a percentage (ex:on a test) you take the number you got right and divide it by the number there is. Then you multiply by 100. For EX: You got 56 out of 60 on a test. You can write it as a fraction (56/60) then divide.
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If the increase yield 22.6% and the total yield is 55,700,000 what is the original number?
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How Do I Come Up With The Percentage Of This Copy Paper At 2.99, #of Units 25, Total Cost 74.75, %of Grand Total ? Need To Know The Formula
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A Percentage is basically a method of expressing a number as fraction of 200. They are normally used to express the magnitude of a quantity relative to another quantity.

It is very simple and easy to calculate a percentage. In order to calculate a certain percentage of a certain number. Just divide the Percentage number with the number and then multiply by 100.


6% of 123

6/100 x123 = 7.38 is the answer.

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