What Is The Formula To Calculate Square Meters?


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The normal formula is (metre * metre) which will give you the outcome of metres squared. Area is usually a quantity that expresses a two-dimensional figure or shape.

In most cases in mathematics the unit of area is the square metre (sq m or m2), which is equivalent to the area of a square whose sides are 1m in length. For example, a shape which has an exact area of 3 sq m would be equal to the same area of three said squares.

In algebra and modern day mathematics there are a number of well-known formulas in order to calculate the areas of simple shapes. These include triangles, rectangles, and circles and by utilising these formulas, the area of any polygon can be found easily by dividing the polygon into exact triangles.

For a solid shape it is a different problem, as a sphere, cone, or cylinder has an area of its boundary surface which is termed the surface area. Formulas for the surface areas of simple shapes were originally derived by the Ancient Greek civilisation. In particular one scholar, Archimedes, is famous for exclaiming 'Eureka!' when he finally worked out one of such formulae.

Other complicated shapes however usually require a series of complicated algebra in order to work out the response.

In today's society area is vitally important - just look at a football pitch or a soccer field!
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Building size 8.508mx12.800x4.570x8.880m

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