How Do I Calculate Total From A Percent?


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Finding the total from a percentage is relatively simple once you get to grasps with the meaning of percentage. The term 'per cent' is defined directly as 'for each 100' in Latin. You can understand percentages easier if you convert them to fractions because the denominator is always 100. For example, 4 per cent is equal to 4/100 therefore it is 4 for every 100.

Look at the percentage you have been given, for example if it states that 4 per cent = 80, this literally means that 4 in each 100 is equal to 80 in each of an unknown value.  To find out what this value is you need to set up an equation with both figures being in fractional form and the unknown figure to be represented as x. For example, the formula should read, 4/100 = 80/x.

Now, this is where it starts to get a bit harder because you need to cross multiply the formula in order to bring the unknown number to light. So what you need to do is multiply the figures that are diagonal to each other. So if you're looking at the equation 4/100 = 80/x then you need to change it to 4x = 8000. To find the unknown number you now need to divide both sides of the equation by 4 so on one side you should have 4x/4 = x, and on the other side you should have 8000/4 = 2000. The result shows that the value of x = 2000.
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This doesnt seem to work right if i am using $ such as 14.55 after a 3% deduction. What is the original total? 14.55/.03 isnt 15. Ideas?

It is $15. However, I need a spreadsheet formula to find this for a vast number of rows with varying pricing not just $14.55.
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The best way is to suppose the unknown as a variable like let it be x.Now the question becomes much simpler that is 117 is 78% of x


x= 177/0.78

and so x=226.92.
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14 is 7% of 200

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