How Do You Find The Fraction Or Mixed Number Of A Decimal? For Example What Is The Fraction For .002?


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Digits to the right of the decimal point have place value just as they do to the left. The place value of digits in the 3rd place to the right of the decimal point is
one thousandth = 1/1000 = 1/103

.002 = 2/1000 = 1/500

A mixed decimal number, such as 2.375, can be converted to a mixed number in the same way
2.375 = 2 + .375 = 2 + 375/1000 = 2 + 3/8 = 2 3/8

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First make it a whole number... That is if it is 0.002 multiply it by 1000.. So it will become 2.. Then 2 can be expressed in fraction as 2/1 or fractions having the same ratio of 2.... That is fractions obtained by multiplying the same number with the numerator and denominator of 2/1..that is by multiplying 1 with numerator and denominator we get 2/1, multiplying by 2 we get 4/2, by 3 we get 6/3....lets take 6/3.... Then at last to get the answer divide 6/3 by 1000 because we multiplied by thousand in the beginning know.. Conclusion is that any decimal can be expressed in fraction by converting it into a whole number and then dividing by 1..
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2/1000 or it reduces to 1/500

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