How Do You Turn An Improper Fraction Into A Decimal?


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Turning fractions into decimals is a simple process that we tend to overcomplicate in thinking about it too hard.  Fractions are based on one whole equaling 100% or 1 = 100/100.  When you have a fraction that has a higher top number (numerator) than bottom (denominator), you have to simplify it to make it easier to interpret.  Improper fractions are fractions that have not been simplified.  Turning improper fractions into a decimal is no different than turning a standard fraction into a decimal.

This methodology works with any fraction but here is how you would turn 3 1/4 into first an improper fraction and then into a decimal. 

In order to turn 3 ¼ into an improper fraction follow the steps shown here:
Multiply the denominator (the bottom part of the fraction that represents the whole) times the whole number (in this case 4 x 3)

Add the numerator (the top part of the fraction representing the number of units of the whole you are working with, one) to the result (12) (12+1) which is 13. 3 1/4 = 13/4 as an improper fraction.

In order to convert 13/4 into a decimal, interpret the fraction bar to mean divided by. This means that 13/4 is the same as 13 divided by 4.

Write your numbers according to the number of decimal places you want to see.  If you want to see two decimal places in your answer, so we'll write the 13 as 13.00 instead

Now, we'll just do what the fraction bar says: Divide 13.00 by 4.

And that's it! 13/4 written as a decimal to 2 decimal places is 3.25. Math isn’t as difficult as some believe it is, the biggest issues most face in math problems is a lack of basic methodology.  Practicing the basics will get you through any math equation.  Enjoy!
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Divide the fraction part-- for instance if it is 2 3/4 then divide 3 by 4 and you will get .75, then put whole number in front of it--2.75
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Ex: 5 1/2 (which is 5 and a half) in order to turn this number into an improper fraction, first, denominator times the whole number (2 times 5), then when you get the result (10) add the numerator (10+1) which is 11. 5 1/2 would be 11/2 as an improper fraction. This method works for any fraction.
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You can turn an improper fraction to a decimal number by carrying out the division.

3/2 = 3.000/2 = 1.500    (If you are doing long division, you can quit when the remainder is 0: 3/2=3.0/2 = 1.5)
Alternatively, you can write it as a mixed number and do what Celticgirl said.

3/2 = 1 1/2 = 1+(1.0/2) = 1+.5 = 1.5

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Toy divide the denominator (the bottom number) with the numerator (the top number)
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You can convert any fraction to a decimal by performing the indicated division. You can carry it out to as many decimal places as you like.

15/7 = 2.1428571...

7) 15 (2
     1.0 (.1
  .30 (.04
  .020 (.002

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Divide 987 divided by 100     987 move decimal place over two       9.87
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