How Do You Turn An Improper Fraction Into A Percentage?


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An improper fraction occurs when the numerator is greater than or equal to the denominator. These are some examples of improper fractions:  7/ 5  or 25/12

Lets use the example 7/5

You would convert this to a % in exactly the same way you would a proper fraction.

Express your current fraction in terms of 100

7/5 = X/100

so you want to find the value of X

((7)(100))/5 = X

140 = X

So the answer if 140%  Is it possible to have a percentage figure greater than 100 - absolutely.  7/5 is greater than one, so when expressed as a percentage it would have to be greater than 100%

Hope this helps

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5/4 is an improper fraction, and an improper fraction will always
be more than 1.
Put it in proper form by dividing the denom. Into the numerator.
In this case 4 into 5 is  1 plus a remainder of 1/4 th.
So in proper form the fraction is  1  1/4 th.
I think you want to put it in decimal form rather than percentage as percentage can only be expressed relative to more than one number.
Divide 4 into 1   resulting in .25  and add it to the 1  =  1.25
If 1.25 were a percent calculation you would multiply it by 100 and the result would be 125%.
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Need the answer to converting 125/3 into a %
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Is .7%=.7/100=.07  the answer
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17 1/2 percent equals what
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To change a improper fraction to a percent you should make the digit by itself a hundred. Then you should simplify the fraction part and change it to a common fraction.
4 9/12 400% 9/12=3/4=75% 400%+75%=475%
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You have to reduce the fraction then you can make it a mixed number and you will have your percent.(:

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