What's 3/5 Of 50?


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Three-fifths of the number 50 is 30. The mathematics required to work this out is much easier than you may think.

Working with this example we can see that you are looking at fifths as the fraction of the number 50. This means that we are looking to find out what number we would use to split the number 50 up into five parts.

The first thing you should do when working this out from scratch is to calculate what one fifth of the number is. Providing you know what one piece of the fraction is, it should be very easy to work out the rest.

So to find this fraction, all we need to do is divide the number we have by the number of parts there are, so in this case we would be dividing 50 by five. You can look at this division through the example of having 50 sweets that you want to share out equally between five people. So dividing 50 by five gives you 10, and if you want to make sure you have got this right, we can then times the result by the number of people we were dividing the sweets between (10 multiplied by 5 gives us 50)

Now that we have found what one-fifth of 50 is; finding out what three fifths is could not be easier. All you have to do from here is multiply one fifth by the number of fifths you are looking to find. Therefore we will multiply one fifth (10) by three because we are looking for three fifths. So 10 multiplied by three gives us a result of 30.

You can apply the same method when looking for two fifths or four fifths of 50 and you will still come out with the correct result if you do the maths correctly. I hope this helps.
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The answer is 30.

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