How Do You Calculate What Percent A Number Is Of Another Number?


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Calculating percentages is a fairly simple area of mathematics due to the way that it always works in

If you have a scientific calculator, you should find a percentage calculation button on it along with the
other functions. To find a percentage, you simply need to enter the whole number, then press the
addition key, enter your desired percentage, and press the percentage function key. Like so:

500 + 50 '%' (calculator displays 250)

The calculator will then show you the percentage figure, and if you press the 'equals' key, it will add it to the whole number, which in this example will make 750.

If you don't have a scientific calculator to hand but still have a simple one (you can find these on almost every cell phone from the last several years), the process becomes only slightly more complex. You will need to first enter the whole number, then divide it by 100 to find one percent of it, and then multiply that figure by your desired percentage.

500 / 100 = 5, 5 * 50 = 250 (where '/' denotes division and '*' denotes multiplication)

Once you have the resulting figure, you can use it in whichever calculation you want to - adding or subtracting it from the initial number etc.

For the reverse, in other words to find out what one number is as a percentage of another, you just need to divide the first number by the second. For example, to find out what percentage 200 is of 500, you just divide 200 by 500.

200 / 500 = 0.4

0.4 expressed as a percentage is 40per cent. It works the same with the numbers reversed - 500 is 250per cent percent of 200. As the first number is greater, the end result will always be over 100per cent.

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To find the percentage of one number in relation to another number then divide the relative number by the base number and multiply the result by 100.
Example : What percentage is 8 of 12
8 is the relative number ; 12 is the base number.
100 x 8/12 = 66.67% (2dp)
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I have always had a difficult time with numbers and percentages. I am calculating various percentage operations using the online percentage calculator. You can instantly cope with a large volume of calculations without straining your brains.

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72 is 80% of what number
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75 is what percent of 197?
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Basically you just put what you have/ what you had * 100

so 8/12 *100 = 66.666666666...%

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To find what percent one number is of another, use the proportion:Part-whole which equals percentage and the whole. Find the cross products.Set the cross products equal. Simplify, and divide. Thanks for all your support!
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Lets say I have wages of : A figure of $400.00.
I need to figure out the percentage of benefits of 24.5%
The answer: $321.00 X .0245 = $79.00
How do you get to the figure $321.00
What am I missing ?
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If you want to find the percentage of a number you have to multiply it by 100
like if you want to convert 3/4 into %(Percentage) then
3/4 * 100 => 3 * 25 {we will cancel 100 by 4 that is 25} = 75%

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