How Do You Find 1 Percent Of A Number?


7 Answers

John Elder Profile
John Elder answered
If you divide the number by 100 that gives you 1 percent
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Anonymous answered
Divide by 100
Kitty Grant Profile
Kitty Grant answered
Divide by 100 and you'll get 1% of x.
estella tagmom Profile
estella tagmom answered
That works only if you know the total.  Not if you want to know the total and are only given a fraction of the total in order to find the total.  If 60 percent of a total is 900, divide 900 by 60, giving you 15. 15 is 1 percent of the total, therefore the remainder 40 percent is 15 times 40, which is 600, making the total (not given) 1500.

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