How Important Is Popularity To You?


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Ady Mat answered
Lesser popularity lets me do my things more satisfactorily. And it is much better than the crowd that vanishes in the thin air when you need them. :)
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PriSciLLA MoZeE commented
I was going to answer this question,but "ady123" has took the words right out of my mouth...i like your answer,truly dead on...
Ady Mat
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Thanks for your kind words. :)
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(not) important!!! And in regards to the rest of this question, (few)... It's (quality) over (quantity) any day of the week. In my opinion (sweet) pencil. Nice question here friend... Thank you. My regards (guest)
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David Mathley answered
I could care less about popularity. All I want is security and a few friends that care for me and like me for who I am, like yourself. I consider you a true friend.
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Joan answered
I guess because I am older and more secure in my own identity, popularity is not all that important to me.  I have a few really good friends and lots of acquaintances that I enjoy visiting with.  I no longer strive to be popular, I am content to be who I am with those that are like thinking individuals.
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Karen answered
Not at all cause friends get in my way always wanting something and then ME paying for it. Somehow, somewhere at some point I always give more than I receive and then I find that my housework or yard work or daughter relationship is going by the wayside while I am wasting time showing someone something. I'd rather be alone and be left alone. My neighbors are like this too. Oh what r u doing? Where did u get that? How did u think that up?  How much did u pay?
Go HOME and leave me alone. Same thing at to do it, why to do it, where to do it.
I get sick of it all. I like myself, the computer....but especially my dog when it is my alone time.
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Georgina Hall answered
Popularity is not everything
yeah so i got friends
most people i know like me
not being big headed by the way
i also have about 2 or 3 friends in my heart
they are my best friends and i can tell them anything
on the other hand there is a girl who really hates my and with do anything to upset me
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Penny Kay
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Don't allow that ugly person to upset you, then she will be getting her way. Stay above her and keep smiling!
Georgina Hall
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Thanks Pencil.
It makes me happy to know someone who I barely knows is trying to help me.
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Rakesh Raki answered
Popularity is for move the business, in the every sector popularity is for money, in movies, sports, advertising Ext,  But i really don't want popularity for me it will loose freedom.
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Monica Smith answered
It is not important to me. I have a nice bunch of friends that I kick it with and that's just fine with me.
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I am a real person, and what you see is what you get, I am not going to put on airs to make a friend. I love my friends dearly, and keep them close to my heart.
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suman kumar answered
I do not really need popularity. I always remember my friend's quote, "if somebody says if you are a king you don't really become a king, if somebody say you are an idiot, you are really not".  I prefer to stay as my self.
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John answered
What's phrase from hollywood.if you ain't in front of the camera you ain't popular.or when the money runs out you find out who your real friends i guess i will never be popular.
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Penny Kay
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What about your fan club on B.I.?
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I got a fan club? What's it got on it? I like tuna with lettuce onions and spicy mustard on whole wheat: ).have you published that coffeee table book on the letter p yet? : ). I still think you could make a bundle on it and maybe do the whole alphabet
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Merlin Paine answered
I want to be popular among reasonably intelligent people who are honest and possess character. That way popularity means something. Popularity is somewhat important to me. I never was popular in school and this did not bother me,
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Zack answered
And what you see is what you get, I am not going to put on airs to make
a friend. I love my friends dearly, and keep them close to my heart. IM A REAL PERSON

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