How Can I Be Popular?


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Wear makeup. Not too much though like not trampy eyeliners and lipsticks. Also wear the name brands. All my closet has in it is abercrombie, hollister, justice, oldnavy, aero, and my jv soccer shirts since i play for the highschool team. For shoes whats in is converse, shox, UGG Austraila. Always have your neon socks, and silly bandz are so in. When your walking with your friends lock arms. Plus get good grades. But everyone now and then a bad mark is good so your not a nerd. Carry a purse with you at all times too. Be mean, not a bully but mean because you want to show people not to messs with you. Be out going and talk to the guys! Flirt is the key word. Just not with all theboys though or people will think your cheap and desperate. Never say something you wouldnt want everyone in the world to know. Not to anyone. Not even your best  friends. Because based on your popularity rates our BFFs might tell your secrets. You cannot be obese to be popular. You can be a little over weight but then you have to follow every tip on this list. If you have problems with your weight this might seem mean, but if your mean too this will work: Hang with people bigger than you so you'll seem smaller. And if you don't have a boyfriend by 7th:( i got my first man win i was 9. Guess what im thirteen and ihave that same sexy hot super nice athletic boyfriend to this day. If you have glasses try contacts. I originally had glasses but at age 11 i got contacts and started going tanning and i was always summer ready. I also dont have regular acne but when i get a blimish i just pop some proactive on there and im good. YES EVERYBODY I AM THE MOST POPULAR GIRL IN MY GRADE RIGHT NEXT TO SOME BEEOTCH COPY CAT WHO COPIES ME ALL THE TIME AND IT IS SO ANNOYING! BUT REMEMBER ALL THIS IS WHY IM HOT AND I PLAY JV SOCCER AND HAVE A SEXY BOYFRIEND! I KNOW THIS WAS LONG BUT IT WILL WORK SO READ AND ENJOY!
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It's usually the people who care the most about being popular are the ones who don't end up popular. Be yourself and forget about everyone elses opinions, as long as you're having fun who cares?
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Okay, look. First you have to follow up the celebrities. Some recommended sites are:

4. Go to and look up your favorite or the most cool and popular celebrity.
5. Watch the latest music videos of popular rockstars and pay close attention to what they're wearing. Try to buy imitations, if not genuine items.
6. Converse and All Star are always good, cool shoe brands.
7. Abercrombie and Aeropostale are also good clothing choices.
8. When wearing Converse or All Star, ALWAYS wear short socks!
9. Lately, checkerboard shirts have been in because of Miley Cyrus's hit Party in the USA music video, and I've noticed those checkerboard shirts at Walmart. Look there!
10. Tie up the back of your shirts with ponytails or rubber bands, and then wear a tank top underneath so it has a neat, layering look.
11. Try Levi's skinny jeans-they look really cute!
12. Don't look prissy in white lace dresses or something like that.
13. If you have glasses, don't wear big, thick ones. Try to get some that make you look good and not unusual.
14. Athletic people are considered popular.
15. Good luck!
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You can popular that you always got to have something to talk bout   be talkative play sometimes be funny and when someone get in yo face talk baack to them dont be weak or dnt bbe scared to fight someone. And if you are nt none of theses work on it.
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You don't have to work that hard to be popular...JUST BE YOURSELF!
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Don't try to hard , just be who you are and you will find true friends that will last forever
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Um well you should be mean sometimes to show that no one should mess with you also you should dress with the latest treb=nds aan yea
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Jus talk 2 popular ppl and hope by tat u can meet popular ppl and boost ur popularity up
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Be kind, thoughtful, helpful and outgoing. Be pleasant to be with and people will flock to you.

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