What Is Acceleration And What Is It's Formula?


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Acceleration is a vector quantity which is defined as "the rate at which an object changes its velocity." An object is accelerating if it is changing its velocity. The formula for acceleration is acceleration = velocity/time
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The acceleration principle deals with the relationship which exists between the increase in income and investment of the country. It gives a numerical measure of the increase in investment caused by the increase in income. According to this principle a rise in the level of income is followed by a rise in the investment level. It so happens because an increase in income raises the level of expenditure. It means that the total expenditure on consumption and the investment goods rise which increases the demand for goods. Dealers of such goods increase their existing stock to the extent of increased demand by something more. The increased demand however, raises the income level because there is a rise in the amount of remuneration of the factors of production which is receiving by the people. Again the enhanced level of production of the consumer goods creates a demand for capital goods and as such, the investment rises (since capital goods represent investment).

Again increase in the level of investment brings an increase in the income level. The increased income causes an increase in the investment and the ratio between them is called 'Acceleration'. However it may be noted that the effect of increase in investment at a given level of income does not end with a rise in income because of the fact that the rise in income on its part raises the investment level which again generates income.
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Acceleration is the change in velocity over time. Its formula is acceleration = final velocity - initial velocity/ change in time.

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