How To Divide An Amount By A Percentage?


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Actually..  The so called "best answer" is wrong.
To divide an amount by a percentage..
Say.  We want 35% of 150.
Turn the percentage into a number by moving the (invisible) decimal behind the 5 in front of the 3.  It will turn into 0.35
Now we multiply it by the number you want.  In this case, it is 1050.

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If you needed to divide 100 by, for example, 25%, you need to change the percentage to a decimal - in this case 0.25.
Then you can do basic division.
Remember a percentage is always that number over 100.
So 25 % is the same as 25/100
You can take any percentage and put the whole number over 100 to get the equal fraction. 82% is simply 82/100. Additionally, percentages can be written as decimal equivalents. For example, 67% could also be written as .67.

An example would be - what is 10% of 100.
We change 10% to .10
We divide 100 by .10 and we get the answer 1000.
We move the decimal point over two spaces and we get 10.
You can always check your math by multiplying your sum by the percentage. Take 10 time 10 and you get 100.
Remember that the decimal point in any whole number, though not written, is always to the right of the digit in the ones place.
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