Is 5/8 Larger Or Smaller Than 1/2?


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5/8 is definitely large than _. This is because _ would be the equivalent of 4/8.

A rather simple and useful way of looking at is would be to imagine a cake split into 8 slices. The first person takes 5 of the 8 slices. Whereas the second person would only be allowed half the slices which would be 4 slices. Therefore, the person who was given the 5/8 has more slices of cake.

Fractions can be confusing when they are numbers you do not regularly associate with, or when no measurements really come in such fractions. The trick is to not be baffled by the larger numbers and think about it logically.

Another helpful trick is to try and bring the fraction down if at all possible. For an example 9/27 looks a tricky fraction and alien to most, however it is actually the same as saying 1/3, as 9 goes into 27 3 times. Therefore narrowing it down to 1/3 makes it a lot more manageable.

If you are having trouble with fractions then it is certainly worth telling your teacher. They will be able to help you figure it out and will be highly beneficial to get it cracked before any exams.
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A good way to figure this out is to put it into a percentage. So, 5/8 = 62.5% and 1/2 = 50% So, yes, 5/8 is larger than 1/2. Or you could just find a common denominator to 5/8 with 1/2 EX: 1/2 X 4 = 4/8 Now compare 4/8to 5/8. Which is the bigger number? The answer still is 5/8.
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1/2 is 4 eighths (or 0.5) and 5/8 is 5 eighths (or 0.625) and 5/8 is absolutely bigger.
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5/8 is bigger because you have 5 wholes and 2 tenths
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First convert 1/2 into eighths, by multiplying top and bottom by 4.

1/2 x 4/4 = 4/8

Then compare 5/8 to 4/8

Now you can see which one is larger much easier.

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5/8 is bigger.

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