What Division Sentence Means The Same As The Following Subtraction Sentences? 12-4=8, 8-4=4, 4-4=0


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An appropriate division sentence is 12/4 = 3. 4 can be subtracted from 12 exactly 3 times with no remainder. Thus 4 goes into 12 three times.
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I think the phrasing is okay.
I would give the answer 12 / 4 = 3 because 4 needs to be subtracted 3 times from 12 to have nothing left.
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I don't think I fully understand the question, "division sentence means the same as"

Could it be something along the lines of ....

27/3 = 9   9/3 = 3    3/3  = 1

This is a repition of the pattern represented by the three subtraction sentences.  It can't be sentences resulting in 0, as no division sentence exists that results in 0

of course it could also be a division sentence repeating the pattern above, but with 4

64/4  = 16   16/4 = 4   4/4 = 1

Again, as stated, the question really isn't so clear as to what kind of result you are looking for

I hope this helps
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It seems these "division sentence" problems arise at the point in grade school where division is being first taught. Personally, I think I'd start teaching division from multiplication facts or "equal groups," rather than subtraction.
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I agree with you. There is a distinct connection between addition and multiplication, and division and subtraction, but this does seem rather confusing, using subtraction sentences.
Should the answer have been 12/4 = 3, since the subtraction of 4 ocurred three times to arrive at 0?
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