How Could You Combine The Following Two Sentences Into One Compound Sentence?


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There are a number of ways you could do this. The trick is to give the same information in one sentence, which could be done by replacing the first full-stop (period) with the word 'and' (remembering to make the following 'T' lower case).

Alternatively, you could omit some words or even re-arrange them such as :-

   The rabbit jumped into the bushes followed by the dog


   The dog followed the rabbit which had jumped into the bushes

These are just some suggestions - you could probably come up with many others.
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"... Bushes followed by the dog" suggests some specific bushes that are moving around in front of a dog. I don't think so. Perhaps a comma should be used: "... Bushes, followed by the dog."
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The English language assumes a reasonable level of intelligence in the person being addressed. We English are aware of the absurd inerpretations that can be made of our sentence constructions., eg 'She made the dough using an electric food mixer'. This could suggest that there is such a thing as 'electric food' (if there is, I doubt many people have heard of it) We feel, however, that the listener can usually be relied upon to infer the correct meaning of what has been said.!
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The zoo answers.
The caller asks for some one.
The someone has a name.
The name is of an animal.

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