Which One Of The Following Sentences Incorrectly Uses A Comma?


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C is incorrect.  that sentence has no need for a comma.  you don't just throw commas around when a sentence looks long, there has to be a reason.
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Which of these sentences uses commas correctly?
A. Craig decided to call Judy, and Nancy.
B. We like our new television but, we have to take it back.
C. I just read, Moby Dick a classic novel.
D. The buffet included various meats, potatoes, salads, and desserts.
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C is the answer to your question.
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C is the sentence which uses a comma unnecessarily. The sentence is a flowing and complete thought, easily understood without the comma.
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In which one of the following sentences is the comma
used correctly?
A. Frieda packed her suitcase with clothing, accessories and
paperback books.
B. Johnson is my attorney, he finally broke the silence.
C. Giving it their best, none of the swimmers broke John
Gore’s record.
D. Patrick, the star player is the only freshman on the team.

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