How Do I Change 2 3/5 Into A Decimal?


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Ok, so, easy as pie!!
You change 2 3/5 into an improper fraction first (denominator times whole number plus numerator)
Then, easy!! You do 13 divided by 5 through long division (or even faster, a calculator)
You should get 2.6
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2 3/5 is a mixed number. It is very simple to convert this number into a decimal number.

The process is as follows:

2 3/5 = 13/5

Now divide 13 by the number 5 through long division. The answer will be

2.6 is the answer in decimals.

You can also use a calculator instead of long division for the answer.

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You already know the integer part of the number you seek. To convert 3/5 to a decimal, you can recognize that 5 is a divisor of 10, and that you can multiply (3/5) by (2/2) to get (3/5)*(2/2) = (3*2)/(5*2) = 6/10. Of course 6/10 is the same as .6.

Then 2 3/5 = 2.6

You can also divide 5 into 3.0 to get .6.
If you had 2 3/7 instead, you would probably need to divide 3.00000 by 7 to get the fractional part of the number you seek. You would probably decide to quit after while, as the result is an infinitely repeating decimal fraction.
3/7 = .428571428571 with the underlined 6 digits repeating.
So 2 3/7 ≈ 2.42857

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Change into an improper fraction, then divide.

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