Is 2/3 Greater Than 3/4?


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Two thirds is not greater than three quarters. Two thirds as a percentage is 66 per cent and three quarters expressed as a percentage is 75 per cent for example you have to take the bottom number then divide it by one hundred.
So in this case when working out this conundrum it is four divided one hundred which is exactly25. After you have completed this you need to multiply the result which is 25 by the top number of the fraction which is three and the result is 75.
This is the case in all sums that you have to work out. If you want to work out a percentage of a number then this is also a relatively easy process to do. All you need to follow are a few simple rules. Take for example the case of expressing if you need to work out 10 per cent of 100 dollars. All you need to do in order to work out what exactly 10 per cent of $100 is you have to multiply 0.1 x 100 which should give you 10. So the result is 10 dollars. This is because it is 10 per cent of $100.
Anything which shows that you need to work out where it says of, in the majority of cases means it is a multiplication question. This is exactly the same case for let's say 20 per cent of $200. All you need to do in this case is to multiply 0.2 x 200 which should give you a result of 40. If a jacket was originally $200 with a 20 per cent reduction it will now cost $160.
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You could think of it like this too. If 2/3 is 66% of 1 and 3/4 is 75% of 1 then 75% is greater than 66%
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When you are comparing fractions, ALWAYS take the first step of finding a common denominator, then you just have to compare the numerators(numbers above the line) as whole numbers.

To find the common denominator, simply multiply the two denominators together, then multiply each numerator, by the 'other denominator'

For example - finding the common denominator of a/b and c/d

multiply b x c this is your new denominator
multiply a x c (numerator 1)
multiply c x b (numerator 2)

new fractions (a x c)/(b x c) and (c x b)/(b x c)

with your example:

2/3 and 3/4

multiply 3 x 4 = 12 (new denominator)
Multiply 2 x 4 = 8 (numerator 1)
Multiply 3 x 3 = 9 (numerator 2)

Now you are comparing 2/3 - new fraction 8/12 and 3/4 - new fraction 9/12

is 8/12 greater than 9/12

is the same as asking is 8 greater than 9 - Answer No


8/12 is not greater than 9/12 so 2/3 is not greater than 3/4

I hope this helps
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3/4 is bigger
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3/4 is more than 2/3

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