How Do You Change A Percent To A Decimal?


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In decimal, 1.00 is always 100%. While half of it is 0.5, or 50%. 5% is 0.05.

The general rule is to shift the decimal point on a percent to the left twice (which is the same as dividing by 100).

5% becomes:

5 (forget the % sign)
.5 (shift left once)
.05 (shift left twice)

So 5% = .05 = 0.05

or you can just divide by 100 on a calculator:


To change from a decimal to a percent, you just shift RIGHT twice or MULTIPLY by 100 instead.
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Drop the percent symbol (%) add a decimal point move the decimal point 2 places to the left

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What is the number?
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Divide the percent by 100%
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"per cent" loosely translates to "per hundred", so that if you have a number like 10%, it will read .10 as a decimal.  Any two numbers after the dot is per hundred.  If you are changing a single number (like 4%), it will read .04.
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Its just need 2 place the decimal point to 2 places towards left.for eg:2%=0.02 in decimal.
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To convert a percentage to a decimal, first write the percentage as a fraction out of 100 and then move the decimal point two places to the left.

Example 3

Express 15% as a decimal.


Example 4

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You move the decimal point two places to the left, but two places to the right when changing from a decimal to a percent. For example:

(changing from a percent to a decimal) (changing from a decimal to a percent)
.125 = 12.5
12.5 = .125
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