What Does > Mean In Mathematics


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Symbol ">" means Greater than
Symbol "<" means less than

For example if you say that x is greater than y then you will write it as

2>1 : Two is greater than one
4>3 : Four is greater than three

if you say that x is less than y then you will write it as


5<6 : Five is less than six.
3<4 : Three is less than four.

Hope the point is clear.

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"greater than"

eg:        5>3               5 is greater than 3

5>3      5 is greater than 3
5=5      5 is equal to 5
5<6      5 is less than 6

this would be helpful I hope
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It means bigger
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Greater than!
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> greater than < less than= equal to
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>Greater Than,Higher Ect.
<Less That,Pointing Down,Lower Ect.
Like Say Playing A Game. This You Can Only Answer Yes,No,Higher And Lower.
So I Got A Number Between 0-100
What Can It Be
<50 Lower Than Fithty
>30 Higher Than 30
Yes In The 40 Collumn
And Yes Even.
What Can My Number Be?
Because Of My First Clues,That Has Said Enough But If You Can Answer That Will Be Great =)
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It has the same meaning as that found in a dictionary of the English language.

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