What Is The Application Of Mathematics(mensuration) In Daily Life?


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Individuals use mathematics in everyday life through various means. One example would be calculating travel time. The majority of us have to travel to work or school every day and we determine how long it will take for us to get there and get back. We require this knowledge of distance all the time whether we are going to a concert, sports event or going on a road trip.

In addition, we use the menstruation process all the time when we purchase products or make payments. We are constantly working out in our heads how much something will cost and how much money we will have left once the purchase is complete.

Moreover, we are sometimes required to use percentages in everyday life if there are discounted products available. In some places a product will simply state how much discount is provided such as 50 or 25 per cent off and then you will have to work out yourself how much less the price is from the original cost. For example, if an item has a 20 per cent discount and is currently $50, you would have to multiply the original price (50) by the discount (20 per cent = 0.2) to calculate the amount of money off, then deduct this from the original price, so 0.2 x 50 = 10, so the price would be $40. Quite a lot of mathematics involved in an every day occurrence.

The majority of us like to keep savings for future use so we tend to take out a certain amount of money from our pay check and keep it for savings. In addition, if you are saving for something in particular then you will be calculating how much money you need and how much time you have to gather it.

Cooking requires mathematics that you probably don't even realize you're doing as it becomes second nature. You always need to judge the amount of ingredients and time it takes for meals to cook so the use of menstruation is daily and constant.

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