How To Write 12 Hundred Dollars?


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You can writer 12 hundred dollars as either:
  • $1200.00 
  • $1,200.00
Although both these ways are essentially the same amount, they can be pronounced differently:
  • $1200 would be pronounced as "twelve hundred dollars"
  • %1,200 would be pronounced as "one thousand two hundred dollars"
If you were to write either way on a pay check or bank transfer, you could write it either way and get the same results. When writing out a number in full, i.e. In words, you should write out in the way it is said, either way will be acceptable.

The higher the figure, the more commas and decimal points or periods there are and that's where it can become more difficult and confusing. There are plenty of websites that will help you to understand where to place it correctly. If you place it incorrectly it could make a huge different between a thousand or even a million.

Another helpful way to find out how to write monetary amounts correctly is by using a currency converter, there are plenty online, an easy one to use is

You simply enter the amount you want and select the currency and the answer will be given to you in the correct format.There are plenty of books on the market also that will help you to understand how to write high numbered figures and when and where to correctly place the decimal point and where to place the commas.

When writing out a check or an invoice you can also prefix the amount with the dollar sign $, or some may prefer to use US$, or even USD this is important, especially if you are dealing with an international company which may be used to dealing with several different currencies. There are also many other countries that use the dollar currency, yet these probably will not equate to the same as the US Dollar, therefore it is also important to include some indication to the currency being the US Dollar.
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One thousand two hundred only
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On the amount line, should I write..Twelve hundred four dollars and no/100, or one thousand two hundred four dollars and no/100 or what?

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You can writer 12 hundred dollars as either

  • $1200.00
  • I recmonded you Currency converter app through this you get more results about Money converter .

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A million is 1,000,000,000
1200 of those is 1200,000,000 but is actually 1,200,000,000 or $1.2 Billion. I recmonded you Currency converter app through this you get more results about Money converter .

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