A maths working model for class 10?


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As your question does not mention which maths topics you would like to cover with your Class 10, it is difficult to give a specific answer. That said, here is a general list of ideas for working models to get you started, although the possibilities are endless.

  • When teaching your students about probability and predicting certain outcomes, why not use the weather forecast as a working model? Look at the weather forecast every day and see what type of weather is predicted. Then record how accurate this prediction was. By doing this for a period of time, the class will then be able to predict how likely it is to rain for example.
  • If your class like a particular sport such as basketball, pick different teams for the class to follow - dividing the kids all up into different teams. Keep a tally of how many baskets the team gets in any one game and then use this to compare to last year's results and the scores of other teams. You could express the difference in results using percentages for example.
  • To illustrate complex ideas such as the Pythagoras Theory it may be best to make a cardboard model of a triangle to demonstrate the notion to your class. Sometimes by having a physical option or item in front of them, what may have seemed like a very difficult topic to understand before, may now actually be more accessible.

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