Topic For Geography Project For A Class 10 Student In Cbse Board?


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A great school project for any subject will always be one that relates to the curriculum, so if you've been asked to prepare something, think about what you've been studying recently, or throughout the current academic year, and come up with something interesting and exciting that can demonstrate knowledge you have acquired as part of your syllabus.

One classic example is to create a working model of the water cycle. This can be achieved by creating a landscape in a relatively large perspex box, complete with a body of water. If you apply heat to the water, or the environment in general, you will be able to demonstrate the water evaporating and rising to the sky - or in this case, the lid of the box! As water collects there and condenses, it will eventual become heavy enough for droplets to form and fall from the lid, simulating rain. This is a great project as it engages people's attention by being a completely practical, hands on affair. The water cycle is something which affects everyone, and it is everywhere to see, but usually on a scale too large for many people to truly get to grips with how it works. Bring it down to the right size, and create a thoughtful model that carries an amount of detail that will show you have put in sufficient effort, and you will see excitement from class mates and appreciation from tutors.

Another example for a more advanced student would be to create a working model of a tidal energy generator. Use a dynamo to generate electricity in a box full of water, which you have created waves in. Waves can be generated either by a separate, waterproof motor, or simply by picking the box up and swilling the water around.
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