How To Do A Project On EFFICIENCY IN PACKAGING(related To Cbse Class 10)?


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The CBSE is the Central Board of Secondary Education in India. It has regional offices all across the country and its schools charge admission fees. Class 10 is a year group that sits exams, as do Class 12. It is the equivalent of Year 11 in the UK but is 10th Grade in the US.

On that basis, the project should be challenging - because the students are educated teenagers - but this business question should be quite straightforward. The project should explain the basics of packaging - the usual materials, the sizes of boxes, alternatives to boxes, how packages are mailed to other places and the process this involves.

It should look at each individual aspect and challenge it; why are those materials used? Are there cheaper or more useful alternatives? Could alternative packaging be reused? These are basic, but intelligent questions. The answers will then prove the strength of that candidate's investigatory abilities, as well as assess their judgment, logic and general intellect.

The student should tackle this project almost like a scientific investigation. They should write it up and introduce the problem - a question about the efficiency of packaging - and then explain their objectives for the project. They then explain what questions they posed and how they investigated these, followed by the answers they got and the conclusions they drew from this.
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Efficiency in packing
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