I Already Have My Jamb Result But I Want To Change My Course And School Of Choice Before Being Admitted Into The University?


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A person can absolutely change their course and/or school of choice after their JAMB results are obtained. JAMB stands for Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board, and is a standardized form of admittance testing in certain countries, particularly Nigeria.

No matter what your JAMB result, you always have the option of changing your course and/or school of choice. This is sometimes as simple as visiting the website myjambresult.com and clicking the appropriate links.

In other instances, you may need to contact somebody directly. Depending on circumstances, this could be an academic adviser, a faculty member at your former school of choice, or an administrator at JAMB.

Important Decisions

A good first step should be to decide what the new course or major will be. This is entirely up to the individual. Having this decision made before you contact anybody can help cut down on paperwork. You should also decide where you would like to attend school. This is also entirely up to you. However, if you contact somebody with several potential schools, you will only lose more time. Take the time to decide on a school before you contact anybody to avoid excessive paperwork, wasted time and energy.

Remember that your education is yours. If you aren't happy with your previous choices, don't feel pressured by anybody to stick with that choice. Going to school sets the tone for your entire professional life, and it doesn't make sense to start off on the wrong foot. No matter what your parents, friends or teachers may be urging you to do, go with your own instincts. It's always smart to take others' opinions into account, but in the end, the decision should be yours and yours alone.
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Of Course you can change your course after the results are out. Just get the scratch card and go to www.myjambresult.com and click on change of course
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I have already had my jamb result but i want to change my school and my course of study

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