When Will Ibadan Poly Write Admission Exam?


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The Ibedan Poly admissions examinations are overseen by JAMB - these post-UTME tests are given to African students who aspire to attend universities in Nigeria and other parts of the continent. In the case of Ibedan, a respected teaching college in Nigeria, admissions tests are scheduled by Jamb during the summer of each year. In fact, the admissions exam for this year has already happened; it was scheduled for June 8th, 2011. If you've missed the test, you can plan for the next exam early next summer, and check the official JAMB website for details.

  • Ibedan cut off marks

To get into this prestigious Nigerian post-secondary institution, you will need a higher Post-UTME exam mark than you would for most other universities and colleges in the African continent. At Ibedan Poly, you'll need a mark of 200 to get into the school; before you register for the university (by applying through an online portal), you'll need to buy a scratch card to use during the process. These cards are generally available from banks affiliated with JAMB and African universities.

  • Online registration and application status

Once you have the card, you can visit the Ibedan website and sign up - in time, you'll hear about your application status, and you can also check to see if you got in by looking at the postings Ibedan Poly adds to their website each summer. It's important to bookmark the official website url (web address) and check back periodically to see what's new - this will help you stay organized, so that you don't miss anything you really need to know. Here is the Ibedan website address:
Learning about how to apply and how to write the Post-UTME admission exam will help you begin your college career in Nigeria. No matter which degree program you're interested in, you must earn a mark of 200 to meet the university's guidelines.

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