When will knust admission list be out?


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The Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology is open for admissions right now. If you wish to apply, you need only open up the website and choose from either Undergraduate "Apply online" or Postgraduate "Apply Now" and follow the instructions that are given. Here are some benefits of going to university and getting a degree:

• Extra qualifications

Some companies, or most, will look incredibly favorably on someone with a degree and most job offers can only be filled by people with degrees, especially if you are looking to go into office work or teaching. If you want to be a teacher, you will have to study to degree level and more besides, especially if you would like to work in a high school or college environment.

• Social opportunities

University opens up many different social opportunities for everyone, with it being said that the friends you make in university, you still with for life. This means that whilst you're studying to better your prospects in the future, you are also bettering your social prospects and enjoying yourself with brand new, fresh people. There are many opportunities for nights out and different extracurricular activity groups for you to get involved in, meaning that you'll never be bored during your time at university.

• Living away from home

University usually requires you to live away from home, gaining yourself some much needed independence, especially if you are around the age of 18 and ready for leaving home. You will gain valuable life skills in an independent lifestyle, but without being completely alone, meaning that you can build yourself up for living alone after you graduate, which usually takes around 3 years. You will learn to live with new people and get on with them in your living space, which will strengthen your social skills and your ability to adapt to new situations.

University is supposed to be one of the best times of your life - apply now and have fun studying for your degree!

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