When Will University Of Cape Coast Admission List For 2010/2011 Be Out?


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The Admission List comes out prior to the beginning of the subsequent quarter.  That is July for those who will start school in the fall term.  Sometimes the list is out as early as May, but most the time it out by July.  Lectures begin on the third week of August. 

A complete school calendar can be found at www.ekerala.net/r.php?url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unive of cape coast ghana admission list&type=web.  The admissions for the 2010/2011 academic school year are long past, so it is assumed that you are inquiring about the next academic year. 
Regardless of the case, the main telephone number who can connect you with the Office of the Registrar is 233 (03321) 32440. 

Cutoff points for last year’s programs are available online at: ucc.edu.gh/admissions/programmes-cut-off-points-last-year  However, this link does not give information as to the names of those who were admitted, only the numbers of persons who were admitted for each program and apartment.

The University of Cape Coast, Ghana, was established to provide teacher training for other institutions.  It was expected to play a key role in development within the country.  Since that time, the university has expanded its programs to include many other degree programs.  The University of Cape Coast is located in what used to be the capital city of Ghana.  The area offers a rich tourist industry in a town that is surrounded by natural beauty and rich in history and is a beautiful place for everyone to see. Now, many people are carving careers from themselves upon graduation.

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