Is University Of Cape Coast Distance Education Admissions Out?


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The closing date for application form submissions to the University of Cape Coast passed on March 4th 2011. The full list displaying students accepted on distance education courses has since been released, and individual students who applied for various courses have been privately mailed to inform them of their acceptance for the educational year beginning September 2011 and finishing in Summer 2012. The next opportunity to apply for a place on one of the University of Cape Coast's distance education programs will be early on in 2012, with final submissions being taken in by the administration team during early March again.

Distance education is becoming increasingly popular amongst Ghanaian students as a form of open-ended learning which involves more independence and flexibility than most other under-graduate courses allow. Many students in Ghana cannot readily access or afford to fund full-time University education which involves residing in or around the main campus, and so distance learning grants them access to educational opportunities which were previously inaccessible. As defined by scholars who have carried out extensive research into the advantages and disadvantages of distance education, the main objective behind the scheme is to break down and reduce the barriers which prevent many natives of Ghana from attending formal education in a way that can improve the standard of living for all by creating high-quality jobs in a variety of fields.

As is commonly misconceived, distance education does not merely involve learning materials being mailed from the tutor to the learner via the post. In truth, there are countless other mediums through which distance education can be benefited from, including video conferencing between the student and tutor and a range of online activities. Although the main learning is carried out a long way from the teacher in charge of the course, distance learners are by no means detached from their tutors. In reality, they can contact those assigned to helping them manage their workload via telephone, video or email messages.

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