Is university of Ghana admissions forms for 2011/2012 out?


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As of this moment applications for admission into the University of Ghana for the 2011/2012 period is no longer open. It officially closed on August 10th 2011. This is a notice that can be found on their official website.

Applications for admission were first considered around January of this year. The university announced their general entry requirements and gave out information as to how potential students were to pay for their course.

In March 2011, the university then continued to accept applications for a variety of other potential students. These included potential students wishing to study:
  • Diploma Programs
  • Degree Programs
  • Certificate in English Proficiency
After the student leadership ordered for an appeal to extend the deadline for applications, the university conceded. They extended the deadline for applications to August 10th 2011. The first term at the university would then be due to start August 15th 2011.

The registration process involved filling in an online application form with all the relevant details. These include your personal details, university course details and other information.

Potential students were then required to print off their application form in preparation for mailing it to the university. This was combined with an e-voucher that was to be used to pay for the course that potential students intended on studying during their time at the institute. This could be obtained from a number of banks in Ghana.

As well as this, potential students were required to submit references, proof of submission forms and copies of their certificates.

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