Third Sem Syllabus Trichy Anna University?


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The third semester syllabuses for Anna University can be accessed on the website at Here you can fill in the details about what course you are doing and what semester's syllabus you are looking for in order to come up with the results.

For example, selecting the first option 'Electronics and Communication Engineering' will bring you to this page, You can then select between the different courses to find out exactly what the aims and objectives for that semester's syllabus are. Continuing the same example, you have the option to look at the Mathematics III (MA1201) module. You can see what the aim and the objectives of the module are and the units it is broken down into. In this case this is partial differential equations, fourier series, boundary value problems, fourier transform and z-transform and difference equations. The page gives you a brief description of each unit as well as the required reading textbooks for the course and the main references that are used.

Anna University is a technology based university that is based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. It was opened in 2007 when the main Anna University was divided into six new universities. These universities are:

• Anna University Chennai
• Anna University of Technology Chennai
• Anna University of Technology Tiruchirappali
• Anna University of Technology Coimbatore
• Anna University of Technology Tirunelveli
• Anna University of Technology Madurai.

Anna University, Chennai is an accredited university that has powers to grant affiliations to a range of universities and colleges that conduct both undergraduate and postgraduate courses as well as diploma courses. Information about courses at the Anna University, Chennai can be found on their own website at Here you can search for a department and look within it for details about specific courses and modules. If you are still struggling to find the information that you need, try contacting the head of the department that you are trying to find syllabus information out about.
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