Need Exam Timetable In Madras University At Correspondence?


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All information about examinations and courses at Madras University can be found online on their website at If you are having trouble finding your personal exam timetable then you should contact the support office with your student number to hand so that they will be able to guide you to right place to find the information.

The University of Madras is a public research university in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. Alongside the University of Calcutta and the University of Mumbai it is one of the three oldest universities in India. The University of Madras has been modelled on the University of London and was incorporated on the 5th September 1897 by an act of the Legislative Council of India. It is regulated by the University Grants Commission of the government of India and is located in the southern city of Chennai., The university is collegiate and has six campuses spread across the cities of Chepauk, Marine, Guindy, Taramini, Maduravoya and Chepet. It has more the 50 departments that offer a range of subjects for students of all backgrounds and qualifications. As of 2004, engineering courses have been shifted to Anna University, providing a affiliation to colleges. All of the departments of the university carry out extensive research in their fields in addition to their high quality teaching. Within the University of Madras there are nearly 43 external research institutes and a range of centres of excellence.  The university has been awarded a five star status by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council as well as being given the status of ‘University with Potential for Excellence’ by the University Grants Commission. Examinations provide the bulk of the revenue for the University of Madras and the university also offers a distance learning program that allows students to carry out online essays and exams.
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Need Madras University  M COM Final  Exam Time Table in correspondence
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I need time table for first year
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Examination of non semester system of M.A/M.Com./M.B.M/M.L.M/M.Sc - April 12 and April 27 and examination of semester system M.A/M.Com/M.Sc, April 12 and April 29.Examination are postponed in view of Lok Sabha Elections in India.
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