Why Are Students Afraid Of Examinations?


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students are afraid of examinations for different reasons. first of all, they think that examinations are very difficult. they fear they may not be able to answer most of the questions in their examinations and might fail. but it ofen happens that a student in the examination hall finds his papers to be unexpectedly easy. examinations are quite easy for a student who studies his books atleast for some trime everyday. examinations are a good mweans to test the abilitiesof the student. it is throufgh the answers he gives in his examinations that we learn his real ability.the preparation for an examination makes him able.

There are two systems of examinations. in one system we have the annual examination. students take this examination after readig the courses for one or two years. students find this quite difficult.. but it helps them in having a full understanding of their books or courses.

The other examination system or the semester system is that of sessional tests. there are tests in classes after every month or every second or third month. the marks that a student gets in these tests are added up. there is then no need for the total annual examination so such. this system is easy for students. but ofen they cannot get good understanding of their whole course.this system does not work well in corrupt societies.the use of unfair means in exams are quite common these days. all this should be stopped for the sake of genuine education. examinations can become easy if students work and study regularly. then they will like to take exams and tests oftenly.
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Shahid123, the reason that most of the students dread taking and appearing for any sort of examinations is that they think and they dwell with this misconception that they don't know a single thing regarding the exam that they are going to sit for. They fell as if they will flunk extraordinarily badly in the exams. They are also scared from their parents' reactions.
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I am afraid of my exams because my parents nag me too much and I'm always top of the class and am afraid of losing my position.

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