Can You Tell Me About ISB? Which Exams Should I Give To Join It?


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Indian School of Business
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You need to specify the course of education you are pursuing. ISB is an abbreviation that is common to a number of specialized courses. They are all very different from one another. Hence, the attempt here is to mention most of them and offer some information on the resources that could be helpful to you. ISB is the abbreviation for:
- Indian School of Business
- International School of Business
- Indian School of Banking
- International School of Banking
- Institute for Systems Biology
- International Society of Biometeorology

In case, you are pursuing the sphere of business management and administration, then you would find useful information on the dedicated websites: The preparatory material and practice tests are available online and at a number of bookstores.
If your course of academics is banking related, there are a number of preparatory exams and resources available on The course to be followed, in case you are pursuing the stream of biology, is specified on and in the case of biometeorology, you will find useful information on
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The letters ISB represent many different types of programs and organizations worldwide. Your question is how to join ISB and what exams should you take to join ISB. I really am unable to answer your question completely, for several reasons.

1) ISB represents the Indian School of Business in Hyderabad and is a Post Graduate and Executive Institution for college graduates and and executives of companies. I do not think this is what you wanted to know.

2) ISB represents International School Bangkok a premier international Elementary, Middle and High School. Students are always welcome to attend this school, if there is an opening in his/her grade level. The application process is very simple and I will provide a link to this school just in case this is the right ISB for you.

The applications page takes you to a list of  the requirement for applying here. No entrance test is required, but past school records like report cards. Test scores from Standardized tests are required, like the ITBS, ISA or other tests you have taken. Once all the records are in, parents are notified and the student goes to school. It is like other grade schools and high schools.

3) ISB also represents International School of Brussels and the International School in Beijing. These schools are like the International School of Bangkok however they also have a Kindergarten level in these schools. All the information about the schools is included on the websites.

I hope this information helps you, if not leave a comment for more information. Good Luck!

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