How I See The Result Of NTS In Comsats Islamabad?


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To find the results of NTS tests taken via a Comsats Islamabad institution, you should firstly wait for them to be released and then visit the official website of the NTS. Here, you will find a section dedicated to providing test results. In this section a list of examinations are given; you should select the applicable one and from their view your result. To do this, you will need your candidate roll number to log in. Your personal test result will be displayed before you. The process of finding out your result is very straightforward.

If you are having any problems with this method of checking your test result, you should contact the relevant personnel at your educational institution. They will advise you appropriately about what to do next. If you have forgotten or lost your candidate roll number, they should be able to provide it to you. Alternatively, you could contact the NTS directly via the website.

  • The NTS
The NTS - which is an acronym for National Testing Service - is an authority in Pakistan that provides a range of tests to be taken by those in education. These tests are usually taken by those studying at secondary education facilities, in their late teens. A range of tests can be taken, to achieve a number of purposes. For instance, the NTS provides admissions tests for various higher education institutions in Pakistan. Candidates may have to achieve a certain score in order to be admitted to a particular university to study for degree level qualifications.

  • The benefits of taking NTS tests
Taking NTS tests will allow you to pursue a number of educational goals. The tests are widely recognized by a range of educational facilities, so may allow you to continue studying. Alternatively, they could provide you with the opportunity to embark upon a particular career path that requires a level of knowledge and intelligence.

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