What Are Merits And Demerits Of A Semester System?


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Semester System has replaced the annual system of examinations in the universities. There are certain positive and. Of course, negative aspects of this system.

The positive aspect is that its structure or schedule is very tight since it comprises of mid term exams and final exams. Students are required to be very regular otherwise they would face the consequences resulting due to attendance shortage. Another positive aspect is that a teacher is all in all. As a result of this, students try to be obedient and avoid to conduct mischief's in the class. There are twenty seasonal marks which help to distinguish between a regular student and non-regular or non-serious student.

Every thing or system has its based aspects too. In semester system ,students are confined only to their course contents. They do not get time for extensive studies. As a result of this, the knowledge of students becomes restricted , and is limited to a very narrow perspective .Another fault is the course is is much short. One is shocked to see that the course the course for a subject in university is much shorter than the course of a subject at secondary level. In the last, semester system is comparatively expensive .Some students cannot bear its expenses and are unable to continue their studies at university level.

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