How To Make Exams And Study Easy For Children?


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As children differ from one another in the perspective of intellectual power, learning capability, interests, habits, their home environment etc.Thus we can not define any hard and fast rules that make exams and study easy for children.But there are some general practices that if we follow, we can make children enjoying studies as well as exams. At the very first stage of studies, try not to dictate any lesson to children.

Don't make them to feel that they are doing something bore or hard. Some times parents and society create some mental burden for children. For instance they think that good students should never participate in activities other than their studies and some parents expect that their child should always stand first in his/her class. It will make studies just a heavy duty that a child has to fulfill. These expectations also have adverse effects on the learning power of students. And sometimes it creates a depression among the students during exams that are not healthy.

So, they primary duty is of parents and teachers that can make studies easy for children. Parents should encourage their children in studies as well as in other extra curricular activities and teachers should teach in a way just like telling an interesting and suspense story. It will create a curiosity of knowing more and more among children and they will surely enjoy it all.
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Exams are not a piece of cake and one has to always prepare for them if they want to succeed through it. However when it comes to children it is the job of the parents or the teachers to make them prepare for the exams and have them study in a way which will be easy and understanding for them.

I would suggest that children should be put in to the habit of studying daily, not just during exams, as that is the trend being followed these days. Only when the pressure of the exams comes, then the parents put the children to study.

Set up a routine for the children to study, at least one hour daily should be dedicated to their study and learning. What ever the children learn in school that day, should also be revised with the parents at home and any other teacher. This way they will grasp it quicker and will remember it. If parents show interest in their child's studies, the child will automatically be alert and interested too.

Make the children realize that studies are very important for them and their future. Parents, especially fathers should have an on and off pep talk with the child and explain to them how important it is to study if one wants to be successful in life.

Set up targets for your self as well as the child and reward them once the target is achieved in order to motivate them to continue studying and achieving targets. This way they will be more eager to learn and study and will excel in exams.
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Students study a lot but it is always difficult to remember all those things. It is difficult because we fail to remind them to bits. If we get any modus operandi to remind them for the rest of life then we would be able to do justice with whatever we are studying.
Exams are also a tension. Exams ask for what they have learned. If they are confident of what they have learned then they must be feeling at ease.

Even in that easy feeling, there will be a threat inside them. That threat will be accountable for making scare of examinations and it will be automatically frightful for in all regards. Try to make them relax. Give them incentives as well. Work hard and believe in yourself. You will surely do it. Don't be cared of examinations. Dare the passion and make it happen. Give them examples from your past. Tell them how you used to study, tell them about high grades. Hope this would be helpful to you and them as well.
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This is a two-part question that requires a two-part answer. The first part: "How to make exams easy for children?" is relatively easy: Give the child a study guide that allows him/her to know WHAT to expect the exam will cover as well as a rubric, which allows him/her to know HOW he/she will be graded.

The second part of the question: "How to make study easy for children?" is more difficult. Children are individuals who learn in a variety of different ways. The key is to find the way that the child learns best and to supply the child with the tools and skills that is best for him/her along with the appropriate motivation.
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Just simply high light the points... Say them to yourself then write them down without looking. Or just make your own story with the points.

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