I Want To Sit For ISTQB Foundation Level Certification. Please Guide Me. Please Give Me Information About Study Materials And Also Sample Questions Or Any Suggestions On How To Crack The Exam?


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The International Software Testing Qualification Board (ISTQB) is a group of  approximately twenty-seven (27)professional, international testers. This group has created a specialized training program and appropriate certification testing to certify, knowledgeable testers for today's software needs.

The larger group is divided into smaller groups who work together to develop, maintain and update various syllabi and glossary for testers. These experts are practitioners, consultants, trainers and academics who work together to develop exam questions, exams and accredited training courses. Only training courses accredited by this Board can render provide a student with the ISTQB certification requirements for testing.

astqb.org is a site where you can download the ISTQB Glossary of Testing Terms and an overview of the Foundation Level Syllabus. (If, the link fails, copy and paste because as you know some browsers do not respond to links, which others respond to.)

To get the Exam through the site you will need to follow the links and pay for the exam.Then you will be able to download the exam. Or you can download the application form and include a $250.00 dollar check or money order with your application when you mail it. On the application you will be asked to give a date, on which you desire to take the test. You will receive a return letter telling you the time and location where the test will be administered. These forms are in (pdf) so, if you do not have Adobe Reader you will need a copy on your computer to open the information.

The fee for Foundation level Exam is $250.00 and the application fee is included. As you advance the application fee will be $100.00 and the test fee will be $200.00. If, you click on the ISTQB Certified Testers link you will find a listing of the names of testers who administer the exams. This list is updated around the first and fifteenth of each month. If, you have any questions there is link for an Email address and you can make contact by way of email if you wish.

Good Luck!
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Thanks a lot! You have given all the details about the exam. But I need some study mat or ebook or any other special book infomation whch helps me for preparing the exam properly. Please reply to me soon. Thank you once again.
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Hi debjani,
In order get some test papers you need to enter ISTQB test papers into your web browser, click and a group of websites will come up for you to preview. The test papers are numbered, I do not know, which ones are for the Foundations exam. Some are free and you can download them into your computer. You need to be sure you have the papers for the Foundations exam. There are a lot of papers available to use for study. Good Luck!

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