Can Anyone Give A Sample Paper For ISTQB Exam?


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Mary Frederick answered
You can find a lot of sample test papers for the International Software Testers Qualifications Board exams (ISTQB) by just entering the words "sample papers ISTQB exam" into the web browser, clicking and previewing the websites that appear.

You need to know what you are looking for and be sure the papers are for Foundations or one of several Advance exams under ISTQB. The sample papers related to different levels in the certification process. Some of the sample papers will be free and others have a fee attached. ISTQB does not put out these papers, however some of the training programs do this and a lot of individuals who have take the test also put out some of these papers.

I would suggest you take some time and visit the sites offering sample papers and check to be sure what need is what you get. I previewed a couple pages of sites today, but my problem is I do not know, which level you are working on. If, you go the ISTQB site you will find the syllabus and glossary for the different levels.

softed.comCourses is a site for training and it may be helpful to read through the information here with a link back to for you click.

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