Where Would I Find Free Sample Triple E Exam?


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  • Where to find them

Without knowing more details on exactly what it is that you are looking for, it is extremely difficult to provide help; there are a few different exams known as the triple E exam, from engineering to English. 

This website may or may not be what you are looking for: . It contains many past papers for the engineering triple E exam, all of which you will be able to work through at a leisurely pace. They are all free to download.

Also, should you find that you have any problems in accessing them for whatever reason, the site owner, who is also an ex-student of the course, will send you them for a small fee on a DVD.

  • Where else you may be able to look

If this is not what you were after, then your best bet would be to go and ask your tutor for some past papers; not only will they now which course it is that you are studying, they will also be able to provide more up to date, relevant exam questions, therefore helping you to extend your knowledge and exam technique, whilst also assist you to grow as a student.

Whilst many people seem to feel that asking a teacher when they are struggling in is a negative thing, it is in fact one of the better ways of discovering the information, or in this case, resources, that you require.

If, however, how do not have a tutor for the exam you are taking, then maybe reposting the question with some extra details about what it is you are actually after would help, as this would make it clearer as to what it is you are studying and so may therefore make more people inclined to help with your problem.
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