How Can I See If I Passed My Ged Test?


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To access your GED scores after your examinations, you need to get in touch with your examination board and ask for your results to be sent to you. With some boards, you may be able to access your scores online, if your examinations were a while ago. Sometimes, you need to wait a certain amount of time for exam results whilst the batch is marked and sent back to the students.

Alternatively, you can contact the place where you did your GED tests, be that a school, college or general testing centre. They will have records of every set of examination results that have been taken in their building and can give you a list of your scores if you go in and ask for them. Always be sure to take some form of photographic identification with you when you are looking to pick up exam results, as you are not allowed to take other peoples' results.

Sometimes, you can receive your examination results in certificate form, which is handy for job interviews as some employers require visual evidence of your examination results in the past. This is so they can see how intelligent you are as a person and how well you consider instructions when completing a task. Given that the GED examinations cover many subjects like English, Math and Science, your employer can see how well rounded you are as an individual, when it comes to academia.

Make sure that you don't lose your certificates for your examination results, as most examination boards are reluctant to hand out copies. Some will completely deny your request whilst others will charge you for the privilege of having a couple of sheets of paper reprinted. When you leave your place of learning, you can be charged an amount for your initial certificates to be printed off for you, meaning that you're going to lose out double if you lose your first set of certificates.
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