Where In NYC Walk-in GED Test?


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It is always best to book your GED Test well in advance to ensure there is space for you during the examination. Follow the link: to find your nearest GED Testing Center and book yourself onto the test.

This also gives you a specific date in mind and gives you a date to work towards in term of revision. Some centercenters are unable to give you the option of when you have the test. The GED Testing Office in Albany, for example, does not schedule testing. Mail your application directly to your local test center and they will notify you of your test date by mail. No scheduling information can be obtained from the GED Testing Office in Albany. You should contact the local test center for details about your test date.

General Educational Development (or GED) tests are a group of five subject tests which, when passed, certify that the taker has American or Canadian high school-level academic skills. The GED is also referred to as a General Education Diploma, General Equivalency Diploma, or Graduate Equivalency Degree.

The American Council on Education is the sole developer for the GED test. The test is taken in person but students often chose to take a practice paper to judge how they are coping in particular areas and to highlight their strengths and weaknesses so they know which modules to worker harder at during their revision.

These practice papers are usually handed out by teachers and tutors but you can also find them across a variety of websites online. It is recommended that you take some practice papers before your exam to make sure you are ready to take the test.
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I took the ged test twice scored 194 and 201 how many points do I need to pass the third test or do I take the ged test over
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Their is a facility located at 158-29 Archer Ave.
Jamaica, NY 11433 or follow this link to go directly to the department education link for all queens test location as well as dates and times of the test...  

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