Where Can I Get A Free Printable Ged Practice Math Test?


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It’s actually not that difficult to find examples of GED practice tests. Some are only available for viewing online while you can download and print others. Because the internet makes it very easy for anyone to post and share information, you should make sure that the practice tests you use are recommended by the American Council on Education.

McGraw Hill’s Online Learning Center provides printable GED practice tests for math with 25 questions that you should complete within 45 minutes. Again, you take it online or you can print it and do it on your own time. You can also click on "submit answers” when you are ready to take a look at the answers, whether you do it online or not. You can find this at Highered.mcgraw-hill.com

The American Council on Education also supplies an online test that you can take to practice: Www.acenet.edu

At www.learningtrends.com you can also find free math worksheets that you can download. You can also find flashcards and assessments there, which are great tools for studying for your test.

In terms of the math portion of the test, you will need to make sure that the practice test you find covers the following topics:

Number operations and number sense

Measurement and geometry

Data analysis, statistics, and probability

Algebra, functions, and patterns

Most of these topics are covered in simple arithmetic with the algebra section being the most difficult. If you do not have any experience with algebra and functions then you will have to study significantly in order to pass it.
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You can ask at a school that teaches adult education they will have or will tell you where you may get a copy...check what school in your area has adult classes. Good luck
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If your local community college offers the ged test, they will have a practice test on their website under the ged link.

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