How Can I Get A Free Printable Ged Practice Test?


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General Educational Development (GED) tests are a group of five subject tests which, when passed, certify that the taker has American or Canadian high school-level academic skills. The GED is also referred to as a General Education Diploma, General Equivalency Diploma, or Graduate Equivalency Degree.

The American Council on Education is the sole developer for the GED test. The test is taken in person but students often chose to take a practice paper to judge how they are coping in particular areas and to highlight their strengths and weaknesses so they know which modules to worker harder at during their revision. These practice papers are usually handed out by teachers and tutors but you can also find them across a variety of websites online.

One website which provides a comprehensive list of questions is Once on the website, click the ‘GED Testing Service’ button and this will take you to a list of subject areas. You can choose from Language Arts (reading or writing), Social Studies, Science and Math. There are many options to help you study math as there are formulas questions, questions using a calculator, alternate format questions and also videos to watch.

McGraw Hill Higher Education also provides a selection of detailed test papers you can try online.  You can find their website at and the type in the search box ‘Online Learning Centre’.

The math test for example, provides 25 questions and the site recommends you attempt to complete the test within 45 minutes to gain a realistic understanding of what the test will be like. Calculators may be used for questions one to 13 but avoid using them further as it will be hard to judge where your strengths lie. The social studies test also has 25 questions and it is recommended that students aim to complete this test within 35 minutes.
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GED stands for General Educational Development. Here is a link from where you can get the printable GED test online. Have a look at the link below:
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Hi Bdolly!
I suggest you that you should get them online and practice online otherwise printing can be a long process and time consuming. I am giving you the both links which can help you:
Online practice test
Printable practice test
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Can you please help me to get me some practice ged work so I can b able to do while I'm at home
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