Can I Take A Free GED Practice Test Now?


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Yes you can. A simple Google or Bing search provides you with a range of websites that let you download sample GED papers that you can practice with.

The GED test stands for General Education Development, or the General Equivalency Diploma. This exam certifies that an individual has either a Canadian or American educational ability that is the equivalent of high school graduate level. The GED certificate is widely accepted in a place of study or a place of diploma for a large number of jobs, and for those that are entering some higher education institutions the examination is pretty much necessary. The average person who obtains a GED certificate is 24 years old. The average person has also finished the 10th grade. One in 20 of these aforementioned students will then use the GED certification to get into college.

GED testing is composed of five different kinds of tests. These may be taken al at once, but they can also be taken separately. The language arts test part of the GED will be divided into two different sections, which include the essay and the language structure parts. Social studies, reading, mathematics and science are the four other testing areas that you will have to study for to complete the GED test successfully. Every test within the exam will have a different amount of time set aside for the student to complete them. The amount of time will vary depending on the State that it is being taken in, the country, or even the individual testing institution. One thing that remains the same, however, is that the tests are an accurate reflection on your ability to revise and learn.

Getting a GED test online is one of the best ways to revise, to do as many as you can before you sit the exam!
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Yes you do
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My name is HOlly and I am a 24 year old wife and mother of two. I am wanting to pass the ged test so that I can go to collage to be a nurse. My family is very important to me. I've been married for almost 3 years. My son jacob is 4 years and my daughter is 4 months.I want to better ours lifes bby going to collage so I can get a better paying job.
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Hi my name is Holly and I am a single mother of one(a beautiful little blue eyed girl). I want to take the GED test so I can find a good job to earn a good living and to be at home with my baby a lot more. I want to be a nurse or something in the medical field. I would love to go to college but got to get the diploma first!
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You are thinking positive. Keep positive people in your life and negative people out of your life
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When my brother got his GED,he could take a free practice test(not the exact on) just a practice one,but that was in LA,you might want to check with your school guidance office.Good Luck and I hope you pass!
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I have my high school diploma from you all and don,t  nobody take it. I want to now what could you all do?Can someone call me @ 757-438-5909. I will like to now whats go on
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GED stands for General Educational Development. It is group of five tests which is taken to certify that the candidate has American High School level academic skills. The test taker must score higher than at least 40 percent of the graduating high school seniors.

It works as a substitute for High School Diploma. So students who have not earned their High School diploma must take the GED test. More than 15 million people have the GED certificates world wide.

It is important that you practice a lot if you want to get good grades in GED. For best results visit the below sources and start practicing online as much as possible.  Below are a few links for practicing:

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