How Can I Take A Free Data Entry Test Now?


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There are a number of online options available that allows you to take a data entry test for free, these include.

  • Test My Typing
This website provides free data entry tests. Using your browser, go to

You will notice on the page that there is a drop-down box. Pick one of the three numerical tests that are presented to you. You should then notice that there is a rather small text box which will allow you to choose a specific time limit for your test. Once you've done that you should click on 'start typing test' and as you precede you should keep in mind that the first value you will be required to type will be shown in blue.

  • 10 Key Tutor
You can also take a free data entry test through

Once you have accessed this website, go to the 10 key test section of the website, there should be an option that says 'click here to start timer'. This will initiate the test so you can begin.

In order to carry out the test correctly you will have to type in all the numbers that are shown on the left side of the box. After you've done the test you can click on 'test me' and then your results will be displayed.

  • Further options
Using a search engine to look for free data entry tests should present a whole host of other options. As 'data entry' can be quite a generic term, ranging from numerical input to typing tests, try narrowing down your search by adding another variable such as 'accounting data entry' or 'stenography tests'.
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I will recommend you the check out the free online typing course at
At the end of each session you will receive your typing speed that is key stokes per minute.
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Yes, lets go...
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You should give me any data entry form for my test thats how I can take a data entry t est.
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This is a Story of how not to panic when taking tests online. Be accurate, take your time to ensure fewer errors.
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There are many education and certification websites that provide free test online to check the potential of players so you can check the website for taking tests for data entry.

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